Wednesday, January 7, 2009

That girl turns those men into pissed off little girls

There is nothing more fun than to watch the behavior of the mainstream media whenever Ann Coulter goes on a media tour promoting one of her new books.
She's been on every television and radio show this week pushing her new book "Guilty" which is mostly an indictment of the media and it's left-wing agenda.

There is no conservative writer that the MSM loves to hate more than Coulter, but I've noticed their angle of anger directed towards her has changed slightly for this particular book tour. They are no longer presenting serious challenges to the validity of what she says in her books (if they even dare let her speak about the book at all!) Instead, they are basically asking this woman where she gets off being funny. Yes, they are chastizing her for using one of the best parts of human communication: humor! They have suddenly decided that she should apologize for being funny. I don't know when being funny became a taboo trait for a human to possess - oh wait yes I do - only when Ann Coulter writes another best-selling book! Not only have these reporters shied away from debating her point of view on the issues, some have even claimed to agree with it; but only for one second before they tell her in a condescending tone that they then had to change their mind about agreeing with her due to the fact that she had the nerve to mix some hilarious jokes into the point she was making. This seriously translates into a supposedly serious journalist saying, "Ann, you were right about the subject, then you added a joke at the end, so that makes your original premise now wrong." So if she left the joke out the factuality of what she said is now reversed? Is anyone else's head spinning? Is anyone else looking up the definition of "logical" to see if it was recently changed?

I don't remember seeing the MSM trying to get an apology out of Al Franken or Michael Moore for being funny in their books. Then again, that may just be indicative of the quality of the humor coming from those two beefcakes. So I guess I have to cede the point to the media on that one.

The bottom line is this, I don't mind when Ann Coulter comes under assault by the media: she's a tiny lady with a big brain who holds her own quite well against them. But when they go after comedy - sacred comedy, which has been around for thousands of years, then I just can't sit by idly and watch. People who apologize for telling jokes are apologizing possessing a virtue. That's like saying, "To anyone I may have offended, I am very sorry for being a loving father, a hard worker and a charitable soul. It was a stupid decision and I promise to change my ways." That's just insane. So if there is anyone who needs to apologize, it's the mainstream media. They need to say, "Sorry, Miss Coulter. We were wrong. You ARE funny. But you have to admit, our silly reaction to your existence was even funnier."

I will never apologize for any joke I tell - unless in retrospect, I realize I could've written a better punchline. And I will never apologize for enjoying Ann Coulter, unless of course she apologizes for being hilarious.

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