Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tales from the Mobster.

My old radio boss, Mobs, told me a funny story about a time he was drinking at Wilmington Hilton Riverside Bar. Mobs said that he looked over and saw a guy rolling around on the floor of the bar just babbling nonsense. People that didn't even know the guy were trying to pick that fat old guy up and get him wherever the hell he needed to be. But he just kept rolling around and saying senseless dumb shit.

Mobs said to himself, "Damn, that drunken asshole on the floor sure looks a lot like Nick Nolte."

Then he said to himself, "Damn, that drunken asshole on the floor IS Nick Nolte! He really is the way they say he is. That's hilarious."

Mobs also told me that he knew Julia Roberts' limo driver when she was filming a movie here and that she smelled like ass all the time and never bathed.

That's why I love Wilmington. We get to see celebrities be the retards we heard they were. Did you know that Dr. Cox from Scrubs really is a cock. My girl Pokey Pants told me that her roommate was his assistant on a movie a couple of years back and that he tripped on some metal stairs coming out of his trailer all by himself, but looked at his assistant right after it happened and said, "DAMMIT, CHRIS! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!"

Yeah, Chris, why did you do whatever you did - witness an actor make himself fall I guess.

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