Sunday, January 4, 2009

Motley Who?

Girls think they have a curse because they hear that tick tick tick all the time. But being a man is also annoying because you never hear that triple tick ever once.

My point is: there's always another good 2 or 3 years of fun left... eternally.

I enjoy the fun. But I think one day I'd enjoy the fun of boring life and having daughters with one girl that I'm ------whatever.

That's why I'm not married right now. I still haven't lived my stupidest moments. And living stupid for two is impossible to do. It just slows you down. It kills your "get up and go," you know. You always get asked annoying questions, and you can't just hop a flight without hearing "why aren't we both going?"

Because I can't affort to pay for two lives all the time! That's why I'm not legally married!

I'm just saying, my life doesn't have enough regrets yet. I don't want to be the fifty year old guy with the 33 year old wife. But I think I will eventually have to be. (Lucky for me, my 31 year old ass still gets treated like I have a fake ID when I try to buy beer. I won't lie - I love it.) I just have too much dumb crap to do, and when I'm done, all the girls my age will be on their 3rd marriages., so I'll have to one day be the old guy with the young wife who doesn't get my "Diffrent Stokes" references or understand my stupid love for Motley Crue.

Funny, I didn't know how to end this, and then I realized a cheesy Billy Joel video is on. That guy's wife is like really young. And he's really old - and HOLY SHIT, now Motley Crue is on. Kickstart My Heart! (Mick Mars is the only talent in that band. I have two personal stories about Vince and Tommy separately but that's for another time.) G'nig

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