Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The rain is always shiner

I bet you have to be crazy to work at a car wash. If you're not crazy when you go in, then it at least has to make you crazy after a while. Think about it:

What do people hate doing?


And what closes down a car wash for the day?

Bad weather!

So if you are working at a car wash, you have to always be saying to yourself, "Man, I wish the weather would suck, so I could take the rest of the day off."

But then, when you get your wish and the bad weather comes. You'd end up saying. "Man, I've got nothing fun I can do with all this free time... because the weather sucks. And even if it was good, I don't have any money to spend because I didn't work today. This sucks! This sucks, so bad that I wish the weather would get nice again, so I could at least be outside working in the sunshine and a making money!"

But then when the sun came back out, and you went back to work, you'd turn into the same stupid brat-punk wishing for bad weather.

I'm glad I never worked at a car wash.

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