Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My perverted bowling alley!

I don't know why I'm not richer. I was bowling last night and thought to myself, "If I owned the bowling alley, I would do my best to strategically place groups of men (or mostly men) in odd lanes and groups with mostly women in even numbered lanes. That way everyone would have more fun and want to come back to my bowling alley. This would probably make people stay longer - which means they would bowl more games and drink more booze, thus making me a rich son of a bitch with an awesome bowling alley.

I would even try to place people of similar attractiveness beside each other. Because science has shown that people generally fuck the level of attractiveness that they are themselves. So I'd put the ugly peole on the left, the normal people on the right, and the hot people in the center. I'd even try to group the lesbians, the yankees, and the rednecks together. Everyone gets laid! And I get paid! And lots of people get knocked up because of me... except the lesbians.


  1. Well, unless you had an artificial insemination center next door - then the lesbians would have a chance of getting pregnant and it's more money for you! :-)

  2. Or even an artificial insemination vending machine. YOU COULD PUT THEM ON EVERY CORNER.

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    I kid you not.