Thursday, April 23, 2009

I missed an accidental dirty joke? I 8 when I do that.

I went bowling with some co-workers and their girlfriends the other night. We had two lanes, which meant we all shared one ball returner.

Me and Frisoli's girlfriend were both going to the ball returner to grab our balls and get bowling. She was a step ahead of me, so I motioned for her to get her ball first, while I would wait to get mine next. Mind you, I had just met this girl five minutes earlier.

She tried to pull a small ball with a big "8" on it out of the returner. It slipped off her fingers before she had a grip on it and it fell back on the rack. Then it slipped out the same way a second and a third time.

She looked up at me, while she was still trying to pull the ball out, and apologized for holding me up by saying this:

"I'm sorry, man. I am trying really hard to get 8 out!"

Then she fell on the floor laughing at herself.

I didn't get it.

She said, "Dude, I just looked at you and told you I was trying really hard to get ate out!"

Now I got it. That was hilarious.

I hope Frisoli 8 her out later. She deserved it for being so funny.

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