Sunday, May 23, 2010

Me and Her Part 2

Me: Awww, shit yes! I am craving some Taco Bell! I'm gonna get me a Meximelt and a Volcano Taco.

Her: Really? Again? Do you ever learn?

Me: Learn what?

Her: Everytime you talk all this shit about how much you love the Volcano taco, as soon as we get to Taco Bell and get our food, you eat everything except half the Volcano taco. And you say, "That wasn't near as good as it looked. Why did I get that?"

(2 hours later. At a Taco Bell. Me sitting across from her with a tray full of empty wrappers and one wrapper with half a Volcano Taco on it.)

Her: How's that Volcano Taco.

Me: Great. I just don't, uh, feel like eating it all.

Her: Riiiiiiiiight.

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